HURT: 100 days in, Biden, the coward, needs to retire

President Biden has been part of the problem for the past 48 years here in Washington. But in the last 100 days he has really gotten down to business.

“President Biden has definitely exceeded expectations,” purred Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a virtual gathering with left-wing supporters on her computer. “I think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration.”

She said that, like — you know — a good thing.

“His first 100 days has been very impressive!” squealed the New York Democrat.

Surrender American sovereignty by throwing open our borders and creating a massive immigration crisis? Check.

Reverse decades of progress by whipping up racist conspiracy theories about the police? Done.

Stand by in silence as the party he supposedly leads demands that police departments be defunded and abolished? Easy.

Launch an epic crusade to enslave future generations of American children in the name of a crazy doomsday weather religion? Check.

The only plank from the wacko left-wing nutjob platform Mr. Biden has not yet fully embraced is packing the Supreme Court. But just give him time on that one. He has already dispatched a commission to study the idea — an idea he had flatly rejected throughout his entire political career.

It really is amazing for people who have watched Mr. Biden harmlessly blather on and on these past four decades in Washington. Then, like some kind of schizophrenic shift, Mr. Biden goes hog wild at the trough of crackpot crazy.

I mean, what does it take to suddenly wake up one day and decide that the borders of the country you have helped govern for a half-century need to be erased?

And to hear the guy talk about “systemic” and “institutional” racism that supposedly pervades every aspect of America today is an astonishing admission.

In other words, the millions of voters who have supported Mr. Biden over the years and elected all the people he has worked with in Washington are all racists — whether they knew it or not. And the very system that Mr. Biden himself helped create and maintain these past 48 years — all racist.

Seriously, “institutional”?” “Systemic”?

There is nobody in America today who is a greater embodiment of the American “system” or American “institutions” than Joe Biden himself. Literally, the stain of racism is on his hands more than anyone else’s.

If America is sodden with “institutional” racism, then Mr. Biden is the very face of that “institutional” racism.

These troubling admissions by Mr. Biden are especially troubling for those of us who know our fellow citizens and know that America is not — in fact — fundamentally racist. But what does it say about Joe Biden that he would suddenly make all these toxic claims?

Well, for starters, it reveals him as the total coward he has been throughout his time here in Washington. Mr. Biden has never been one to stand up against the club in Washington. He has always been one to go along to get along — even if that meant palling around with people like former Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the retired Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan.

It also tells you just how politically craven Mr. Biden is capable of being. Matters of race and justice and truth are so irrelevant to Mr. Biden that he is willing to twist and exploit any of them for political gain. This, of course, is profoundly sick.

Saddest of all, it also suggests that Mr. Biden really is long past his best mental capacities. If his family loves him, they really should gently steer him off the public stage into a well-deserved retirement.

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor of The Washington Times.

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