America’s schools are breeding grounds for socialists

Abolitionist Teaching Network, the organization that President Joe Biden’s administration cited as part of its Department of Education recommendations for in-person instruction this fall, is so far left of left it makes the Democratic Socialists of America — another group that’s infiltrated the public schools — seem moderate.

Welcome to America’s public education system, a breeding ground for socialists.

A ground zero training site for cultural Marxism.

A brave new world of indoctrination of the children, so as to cripple and crumble what the left has long viewed as the cause of all that ails humanity — the Constitution, capitalism and the very ideal of American Exceptionalism, that individual rights come from God, not government.

Liberty is in peril.

Let the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s own statements convict of that warning. Type in “abolitionist teaching network” on Google, and the search result spits back: “Resources for Agitators.”

Since when are teachers supposed to be “agitators?” 

The organization’s website also touts this mission — “to develop and support those in the struggle for educational freedom by utilizing the intellectual work and direct action of Abolitionists in many forms.” So much for reading, writing and ‘arithmetic. This is social justice training — code for socialism, code for cultural Marxism, code for collectivism — at an early age.

“The heart of ATN rests on the network’s Activists in Residence,” the organization writes. The activists get $30,000 a year for 20 hours worth of agitating each week, Fox News found.

“ATN awards grants to educators and community members who strive to disrupt inequalities and injustice within their schools, communities or both,” the organization writes.

No wonder your kid isn’t passing math class. Your kid’s teacher is busy teaching that math is racist.

The Biden administration claimed this group was erroneously cited in its post-coronavirus schools’ reopening guidance. But that’s a laugh.

Biden’s on board with this.

Biden’s administration is fully on board with this type of instruction.

This is the same president who in June swept into existence a “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce” executive order that charged the heads of all the federal agencies with finding ways to prioritize diversity and inclusion in policy — to make race the center point of all considerations.

This is the same president who in January rescinded Donald Trump’s executive order that restricted diversity training about systemic racism in the schools and in the federal agencies.

Moreover, this is the same president who sits idly by as the Democratic Socialists of America continue to reach out to members and press them to take jobs in America’s school systems. Why? Because teachers are tough to fire — and because teachers are the ones who have access to the youngest and most impressible minds in America, on a daily basis. And that means socialist teachers can sell their socialist rot to the rising generation of U.S. leaders in a way that would make it nearly impossible to overcome. After all, conquering by force always risks revengeful uprisings. But steal the hearts and minds of the youth and brainwash them to become complicit, even willing, even eager, participants in an internal takedown of America — well then, from where would the resistance come?

These are America’s schools, America. Critical race theory. The 1619 Project. Democratic Socialists infiltration. Abolitionist Teachers Network propaganda. Race injected into everything; racial divisions, gender divisions, class divisions taking over talks about history, about the free market, about the role of government and the fate and future of the people. Want to save America and keep the country free?

Save America’s children. Pull them from public schools. 

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