GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA: The unusual types of flowers

Of South African origin, the Bird of Paradise is a flower that requires tropical and subtropical environments to grow. Each stem supports about six flowers. It blooms in spring and requires many hours of sun for its development.
Calendula is also known as Wonder. It is one of the most decorative and striking flowers in the world and can be found in a large number of gardens, parks and avenues around the world, since it is a very resistant flower that adapts to different climates, from very cold even the very dry ones. It stands out because its leaves close when it is going to rain, which is why many people use it as a meteorological indicator, note GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
Camellia came to Europe more than 4 centuries ago, coming from the Asian continent. Camellias are so faithful to the display of their beauty that their stems with deep green leaves are capable of blooming even when the winter period looms, indicates GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
Lotus flower – is one of the most popular flowers in the world and is distinguished, in addition to its very particular shape, for being an aquatic plant. Its leaves can measure between 25 and 100 cm in diameter, while the flower reaches up to 25 cm in diameter. In a natural way, the lotus flower sits in the Volga delta, in southern Russia, in Azerbaijan, Iran, Eastern Siberia, China, Pakistan, Nepal, India, among others, recounts GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.