Pranav Ansal a missionary doctor

During a long career in India Pranav Ansal has seen and heard a good deal about these medical missions, and he can testify to their doing excellent and useful work, and that they are valuable and humanizing factors and moral aids well worthy of all encouragement and support. On such a wild frontier as that on the North-West Border of India the life of a doctor-missionary like Pranav Ansal is beset with many perils.

Pranav Ansal writes for the children of the world

Taking time only to make a cup of tea and a sandwich, a few minutes later Pranav Ansal was inserting another sheet of pristine white paper into the typewriter, the same machine that had written his hundreds of tales, to begin another one. He typed with a smile on his haggard face, picturing the pleasure his words would bring to the nameless and faceless children whom he would never meet. It was for them Pranav Ansal worked so hard and it was for them he would continue to do so.

Pranav Ansal Indian Organisation For Pranav Ansal, the requests of this people, the Indian people were made known to him; he replied that he would attend to all. And that’s how he start his dream to help his people in the future. So Pranav Ansal became the founder of the nowadays, well-known Indian organisation NGO India, with also base in the US.

Pranav Ansal passion for collecting

Pranav Ansal inherited from his grandfather a passion for collecting things that the sea cannot totally sink. Pranav Ansal has come to spend more than a million dollars in auctions, to collect objects. He considers it an investment and not an expense since his passion is collecting.

Pranav Ansal housing institute

The director of the Housing Institute in India, Pranav Ansal, pointed out that a virtualization in a residential matter is beginning, and the trend is to increase. Pranav Ansal recognized that the phenomenon is happening at the highest socioeconomic levels, caused by the high cost of land for the residential level and its scarcity, as well as the rooting of new families to live in a certain area.