Christian backlash, as left goes too far

GRAPEVINE, Texas — There’s a principle of life that goes, ‘You can only push someone so far before they break.”

That’s the left, toward Christians. And now Christians are beginning to break — and fight.

A new poll from and Rasmussen Reports finds that fully 82% of Americans say “freedom of religion is important to [a] healthy American society,” versus only 9% who say it’s not.

This is good news.

It’s religious freedom, after all, upon which this nation was founded. And it’s belief in a higher power that keeps this great nation of ours free. How so? To sum: Those who know accountability comes after death aren’t prone to commit acts in this world that put them in poor light with the Creator. In other words, believers are self-governed.

Over the last few years, Americans have been barraged with polls and surveys and reports and analyses that show the growing secularization of the country. Pew Research famously has called the trend the rise of the nones — or, those with no particular religious affiliation, no particular religious belief. In America, that’s been an alarming trend; communist countries are generally atheist for a reason. 

It’s been a trend the left has capitalized on, however. 

Think Barack Obama, and his Easter worshippers and his LGBTQ push to open girls’ bathrooms to boys and his general distaste for all-things-Israel, and how that tone and attitude and messaging seeped into American culture. Think Joe Biden and his pick-up of where Obama left off: His flaunting of Catholicism with his steadfast support of abortion, his carry-on of Obama’s LGBTQ policies.

“How Joe Biden became the most LGBTQ president in U.S. history,” USA Today wrote, just a few days ago.

These are all attacks on the family, on Christian communities, on traditional values, on biblically-based values — which is to say the very stuff of which makes America great and keeps America free. Break up the family; break up the country.

And my, what a time the left has had of late breaking up family, country and biblical values. 

But this is where Democrats falter. This is why the left always fails. They go too far. They push too much. They swing the pendulum too far the other way.

And people — even people who sometimes vote Democrat, even people who normally wouldn’t consider casting a Republican ballot — these people start to get ticked.

Critical race theory and the viciousness by which the radical leftists have insisted on keeping this anti-American crap in public schools is one example of how Democrats have overplayed, are overplaying, their hand.

“Chesterfield School Board joins growing backlash to critical race theory,” a partial headline from the Richmond Times-Dispatch read. 

From the story, a remark from School Board Chairman Ryan Harter went like this: “Critical race theory is not supported by members of the board. In Chesterfield, our goal is unity, not division.”


“A Moment of Reckoning,” Inside Higher Ed wrote in a headline. The summary went like this: “The backlash against critical race theory is raging.”


Now it’s coming to a Christian community near you.

“This research,” said Jeff Myers of, about the recent Rasmussen-Summit poll findings, “affirms that the American people overwhelmingly support the continued protection of the constitutional right of freedom of religion and oppose policies requiring churches and faith-based charities and organizations to compromise their deeply held religious beliefs.”

Democrats, pay attention: You can only push so far before the pushback begins.

And as this poll demonstrates — so it begins.

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