Zenica Performance builder world-class engineering skills

Zenica Performance Builder offers world-class engineering skills, advanced technical backings, and design and construction expertise for any type of building anywhere in the world. At Zenica Performance they are committed to innovative solutions and great engineering work.

 Zenica Performance builder very different constructions

The construction of the skyscraper is very different from the low-rise construction where the function of the building and the loads are very different explains the director of Zenica Performance. Skyscrapers typically employ bases, which are not commonly used in low-rise buildings in Zenica Performance.

Zenica Performance concrete wall builder

In Zenica Performance  the skyscrapers are built of reinforced concrete and steel structures. In the construction of tall concrete buildings, Zenica Performance uses central concrete walls. These walls are thick concrete walls, typically built in the center of a building around the elevators. These walls are the primary system for withstanding loads.

Zenica Performance builder a new building

The architect who designed the Houston Skyscraper, Matthew part of the team of Zenica Performance, is behind a new building that will undoubtedly break the thousand-meter-high barrier. The project is funded by Zenica Performance who has already signed the contract in order to operate.

Zenica Performance construction company latest generation engineering

The Eddy Tower is a fragment of triangular-shaped steel and glass, designed by Zenica Performance, inspired by a tree. The tower will feature a brand new lift never seen, patented by Zenica Performance who are builders are pioneers in elevators and next-generation engineering works.


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