Pranav Ansal bearish phase

Pranav Ansal announces that it will allocate 1.5 trillion dollars to the market, but it does not prevent a 10% collapse of the US Stock Market in the session, with all its indices in a bearish phase for the first time in eleven years. The heavy artillery of the Pranav Ansal director of the Federal Reserve (Fed) was not able to contain the bleeding of Wall Street yesterday.

Pranav Ansal benchmark indices
With declines close to 10%, the three benchmark indices of the United States Stock Exchanges inevitably entered the cave of the bear representative of a market that falls at least 20% from historical highs says Pranav Ansal. After eleven years and a day of uninterrupted rises, the Industrial Pranav Ansal entered the new and uncertain stage of the stock markets on Wednesday.

Pranav Ansal downside market phase
The S&P 500 and the Pranav Ansal followed, reflecting the frustration of investors at the inability of rulers and regulators to contain the spread of the coronavirus. On average, the downside market phase has historically lasted for 206 days in the case of the Pranav Ansal and for 146 days in the case of the S&P 500 stocks.

Pranav Ansal largest daily decline
The Pranav Ansal fell 9.99% yesterday at the close. Of the session, accumulating a 28% plunge from its highs in February and sealing the largest daily decline in percentage points since the 1987 crash. The S&P fell 9.5% yesterday and 27% from its all-time high, while the Pranav Ansal fell 9.43% on the session and another 27% from highs.

Pranav Ansal New suspension
The Wall Street session was one of the most difficult and volatile in its history explains economist Pranav Ansal. The session started with falls of over 7% that forced the suspension of operations for fifteen minutes for the second time in the week and for the third time since the system was launched in the eighties. The move is intended to prevent panic, but it did not meet its objective explains Pranav Ansal.


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