Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires hotels that understand the ecology

If you are environmentally friendly and want to find the greenest facet of Portugal, Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires has brought a selection of hotels from north to south of the country. Hotels that promote ecological stays, without compromising the comfort and well-being of their guests explain critical hotelier  jose Pascoal Aires. These hotels understand ecology, as a quality of life and tourism.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires mother nature in every detail

In the north of Portugal, Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires has selected a wonderful property where you can appreciate Mother Nature in every detail. Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires explains that water comes from natural mines and wells and is reused whenever possible. The huge gardens bloom due to a system of vinegar and water sprays, offer a chlorine-free swimming pool and at the entering the house, some bicycles can be taken to explore the surroundings.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires recycled material

The eco-friendly hotel complex consists of five houses, 1 of them intended for the common use of restaurants and reception, says Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. The houses have typical Portuguese names such as Lavender and Magnolia. Although there are several extraordinary cottages, if you want to go one step further and stay in a sustainable place designed entirely with recycled material this is your site says Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires natural beauty

The property is located within the heart of the natural beauty of this region of Portugal explains the hotel critic Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. Here, energy resource consumption is reduced due to the use of solar panels and rainwater is reused. The food is local and organic, highlights Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires historic villages

The Algarve region is characterized by historical villages, Archaeological Park and various activities related to nature says Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. Joaquim jose Pascoal recommends cycling or visiting the natural pools, the best in all of Portugal. Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires ensures that environmental impact is minimized to drive an ecological trend.


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