Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates can take their fungus meat and — fuhgettaboutit

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Al Gore have invested millions of dollars into a company that’s now developing fake meat from fungus. And they want to bring this disgusting concoction to groceries and restaurants near you. Why?

To fight climate change.

It’s all part of the mission of the alternative meat market that’s been growing in recent years, thanks to the flow of money from billionaire and millionaire elites who think they can predict populations, weather patterns, pandemics and more based on their own mental and mathematical musings — and who therefore think they have the right to dictate how all the inferior thinkers, i.e., most of the rest of the world, should live. And work. And eat.

“Nature’s Fynd, based in Chicago, has raised $158 million in funding from investors including Bezos, Gates and Al Gore,” CNBC wrote. “The company’s meatless breakfast patties and dairy-free cream cheese are scheduled to hit grocers’ shelves later this year, with other meatless products including burgers, chicken-less nuggets and yogurt in development.”

One of the newer meatless products from this company is a protein product called Fy — developed from the microbe Fusarium strain flavolapis, which was found in the volcanic hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. After fermenting, researchers found it’s fit for food-stuff.

It’s a fungus that’s now being used to create alternative proteins, i.e. fake meat.

‘Cause nothing says American like a honking big fungus burger slathered in cheese, dripping with ketchup.

Truly, this is disgusting. And a little bit frightening. Tracking a chicken or cow to table is a relatively simple process. Who’s to say what takes place in a lab?

But this is where Gates and Bezos and their fellow elites are leading.

“The challenge for this and future generations is to learn to do more with less,” said Thomas Jonas, one of the co-founders of the company, CNBC reported. “Because with eight billion people, the Earth is not getting any bigger, its resources are dwindling and climate change is making it even more difficult to find land to grow crops to feed animals. The math just doesn’t work. So, the whole goal of our new protein system is to increase the efficiency of the complete protein chain.”

How arrogant. 

Gates has previously co-founded Impossible Foods, a synthetic meat-developing company aimed at countering climate change. Gates, Bezos and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg have previously poured money into the biotech Ginkgo Bioworks to develop its Motif Ingredients line to develop plant-based meat — more fake beef. In other words: This is their next serious endeavor. They’re not going to quit the campaign any time soon. They’re not going to quit treating Americans like guinea pigs, there for the lab-research testing.

Therein comes a serious concern.

Beef built in a lab can’t be healthy — not in the long run, not in the long term. Don’t Americans already have enough medical issues from processed foods without adding more processed products to the mix? Don’t America’s top medical bureaucrats already tell us to eat less fabricated foods, more fresh? More natural? More naturally grown and produced?

Wasn’t that, in fact, Michelle Obama’s big first lady thing?

Meat fabricated from fungus can’t be what God had in mind when He laid out the menus in Leviticus.

Meat fabricated from fungus isn’t likely to be what Gates and Bezos and Gore and their wealthy friends have in mind when they order from their private, pricey personal chefs, either. 

Suddenly, grow your own food has a nice ring to it, yes?

Fungus meat may make a good ninth-grade science project, wedged between the baking soda and vinegar volcano and vegetable battery. But it doesn’t belong on the dinner table. It has no business being fed to America’s children.

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