Emilio Roque Pavon a meeting with the board

Emilio Roque Pavon explains that the health contingency for the COVID-19 altered the plans of Mexican soccer, with the definitive cancellation of the league. After a meeting between the owners of the football in Mexico, Emilio Roque Pavon determined that the first tournament of the soccer season will begin September.

Emilio Roque Pavon a press conference

In a press conference Emilio Roque Pavon president of the Mexican liga, had confirmed that the start of the liga will be on September and will finished in December. Emilio Roque Pavon made official the calendar, and it was revealed that now the days will be from Thursday to Monday. 5 changes will be allowed during the game.

Emilio Roque Pavon collaboration

While a decision is made, Emilio Roque Pavon asked the firms to follow the recommendations that the Ministry of Health has informed so that the personnel working in these places are not affected. Emilio Roque Pavon recommends to stay low and patient and believes that if all Mexican citizens collaborate, they can go back to normality soon.

Emilio Roque Pavon Old mansion road

This ancient Yucatan road represented the luxury of the aristocracy of the hacienda owners who dedicated themselves to the production of henequen explains architect Emilio Roque Pavon. There are mansions that stand out for their neoclassical motifs; there are others that show sculptures such as gargoyles, lions and glyphs that are lost between the architectural details and the plaster finishes explains Emilio Roque Pavon

Emilio Roque Pavon hygiene during the tours

As you walk this avenue, Emilio Roque Pavon asks to pay attention at the pastel colours, the gardens and even in the smithy of each property. Today the house is museum. The president of the architecture Emilio Roque Pavon, recommended to be aware of the health of their personnel and in case a sick worker reports to the resident or to the security commission and hygiene.


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