Democrats seek perpetual coronavirus control

President Biden’s White House has taken a look at the delta variant of the coronavirus, given a listen to the World Health Organization’s latest advice and summarily concluded: More people will die — “you know it’s going to happen,” he said. 

This is the Democrats’ way of paving the path toward perpetual lockdowns.

Here’s what you need to know, from the lips of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no less: “Viruses constantly change through mutation.” In other words: Keep your heads, people. This is the normal process of viruses — all viruses. Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, put it well on Twitter: “Don’t let the fear mongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (0.8%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm.”

The takeaway?

Cooler heads mean liberty stands a chance of surviving.

But here’s something else you need to know, from UnityPoint Health, an article that, in part, talks about the causes of mutating viruses. There are three — one of which is “the creation of a vaccine,” the article stated.

The pertinent quote, from Rossana Rosa, an infectious disease expert, goes like this: “Any virus is going to try to keep changing so it can continue to spread. For COVID-19, that means we’ll likely see more new variants as more people are vaccinated. That’s natural and expected. Don’t be too worried about it, the vaccine should help keep us safe.”

Consider that — consider all that — while considering the likes of the left and all the tyrannical clampdowns on individual freedoms the leftists of the left are busily pushing, yet again. 

“Spread of delta variant prompts new restrictions worldwide,” The Washington Post just wrote.

We’re starting to see whispers for the same here in America. For example, this headline, from the Los Angeles Times: “L.A. County urges indoor mask wearing as Delta variant spreads.” Is that for vaccinated, too? Who knows. We’re starting to get the same mixed messaging that drove conflicting coronavirus safety guidance for more than a year. For example, this sentence, from a recent Miami Herald story: “The World Health Organization suggested … fully vaccinated people still wear face masks whenever possible, citing the Delta variant’s increased transmissibility and risk of serious COVID-19.” We’re starting to get the same mumbo-jumbo near-nonsensical gibberish from the left’s heralded call-to-clampdown-arms, Dr. Anthony Fauci. For example, this exchange, during a recent PBS interview with host Judy Woodruff.

Woodruff: “[I]n trying to understand just how much more worrying this new [delta] variant is — is there a way to quantify that? I mean, I’m reading stories about even people in Australia who are quarantined in separate hotel rooms, they’re still getting the COVID, and there is concern about air circulation.”

Fauci: “Yes, it is clearly more transmissible by multifold, a few times more. And if you look at the hospitalization, there was a study, Judy, from Scotland which showed that hospitalizations — clearly had a few times more likely of getting hospitalized if you were infected with the delta variant vs. the variants that were previously circulating. In certain countries, the delta variant has become really quite dominant.”

It’s language like this that lets the leftists — Democrats — to take the coronavirus, shape it into a political weapon and then use it to stab in whatever direction of control that happens to cross their individual areas of influence at the time. Wear a face mask; social distance; stay home from school; stop singing in church; stop attending church in person; close up business; close up shop — the more unscientific the language, the more flimsy the facts, the more opportunity to exploit the fear that comes for personal, political, power-hungry gain.

And there, dangling in the background is the magic shot.

From Fauci, once again, on PBS: “[T]he delta variant [in certain countries] … has pushed aside the other variants that are there. This will happen in our country, the United States, in those areas of unvaccinated people. And again, that’s the reason why we say we’re dealing with something we have to take very seriously. It’s really a dichotomy. If you’re vaccinated, you’re in reasonably good shape, in fact, quite good shape. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re at significant risk.”

Risk of what?

Of catching the virus that killed 44 of 53,822 people in England? Yet this is how to control the masses.

“Six hundred thousand-plus Americans have died, and with this delta variant you know there’s going to be others as well. You know it’s going to happen. We’ve got to get young people vaccinated,” Biden said in Raleigh, North Carolina, a few days ago.


Young people are among the least likely to get COVID-19, and simultaneously, are at risk of developing serious side effects from the experimental vaccine which is still — still! — being administered only as an emergency use. Heart inflammation, anyone?

None of this makes sense.

None of it — except the political angle.

On the coronavirus, science has flown the coop, facts have flown out the window and truth-tellers have been few and far between. The only rational explanation for the constant flip-flopping, the continuous messages of fear and fright, the never-ending threat of clampdowns and the ever-occurring nail-biting promise of a return to normal if only — if only fill-in-the-blank — is this: Democrats are loving the chaos. Democrats are using the chaos.

Democrats and their partnering socialists and communists and globalists and collectivists are using the chaos to seize the reins of control, keep lockdowns in place, keep the threat of more lockdowns on the horizon, all so they can usher in the type of country, the kind of world, they’ve long envisioned: the one where they dominate and the people serve as their peon-like subjects.

As long as they can keep the fear going, they will. After Delta will surely come something else.

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