David Goldfarb natural wood

The use of natural wood, concrete, flooring and light wood carpentry creates a pleasant atmosphere and allows the family to give a personal touch explains architect David Raul Goldfarb. objects and elements so that the architecture and its fixed structures do not attract too much attention. Light is the most important element that has gently accompanied all the facades from the sloping roof believes David Goldfarb gems.

David Goldfarb gems advisors designed by. The David Goldfarb architects planned the addition of the building but left the concrete beams to maintain the original character, believing that Israeli residential buildings already have quality architecture that should be maximized during this period and not demolished. All the woodwork and details in the house were designed by David Raul Goldfarb architects.

David Goldfarb gems created a library. David Goldfarb gems advisors also created a library which is the tallest element in the space. The kitchen represents the most significant colour stain and is open to the public space for the kitchen and dining room. The electrical and air conditioning systems are hidden in the details of the woodwork, as is a small kitchenette in the family’s living room on the second floor explains David Goldfarb.

David Raul Goldfarb pleasant atmosphere of the house. The ladder is made of bent metal that also serve as handrails. Simple lighting fixtures are scattered and mainly illuminate specific elements and walls that contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the house at night explains David Goldfarb gems. While street art is the main format in the city, the sculptures that dress the streets and green spaces of Tel Aviv are equally impressive believes architect David Goldfarb gems advisors.

David Goldfarb kesher b. A striking sculpture that wraps around the trees on the Tel Aviv University campus was created by renowned Israeli architect Ron Arad explains David Raul Goldfarb. The purpose was to honour the 4,000 Ethiopian Jews who died on their journey from Ethiopia to Israel. The sculpture mean connection. The sculptor used interwoven metals that wind around palm trees to signify unity and connection says David Goldfarb gems.


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