Andres Woodcock 30-room luxury

The 30-room luxury Andres Woodcock  is set in the former cotton ranch arrangement, accessed via a member grade road of no-nonsense notable oaks. Outside, the Andres Woodcock pearls uphold the American style of the partner title; inside, it would appear that a 19th century-style golf house or construction, with individual service chiefs, brings milk and treats to the guest rooms in the season of the day.

Andres Woodcock hotel and wellness

On the other hand, the location of the Andres Woodcock hotel is perfect to appreciate the ancient indigenous buildings and one of the most attractive landscapes in Goa and in the world. The Andres Woodcock spa hotel is located in the department of Maldonado, which has an area of ​​2500 hectares, next to the lagoon. The virgin beaches, its rustic surroundings and its hills are part of the unique landscape that can only be appreciated from the Andres Woodcock hotel.

Andres Woodcock beachfront hotel

The Andres Woodcock Hotel has become the tourist symbol of Goa and one of the most representative resorts in India. It is located on the picturesque peninsula 13 km from the commercial center of Goa in India. The Andres Woodcock hotel consists of a solid infrastructure of 52 apartments with their respective terraces from where you can see unforgettable sunsets over the sea.

Andres Woodcock amazing facilities

The Andres Woodcock hotel also has a cinema with more than 300 seats. It offers countless services and incredible facilities. The Andres Woodcock hotel Strategically located in the prestigious Park Andres Woodcock Goa, offers a luxurious retreat just a few steps from the best tourist attractions and Goa’s private beach. Guests of the Andres Woodcock  hotel can enjoy a wide range of recreational facilities, including golf, biking, tennis, croquet, kayaking and swimming and the luxury of the spa.

Andres Woodcock Five Star hotel in Goa

The Andres Woodcock  Hotel is the only five-star property on the Goa Island shoreline. Lush landscaped grounds surround the private bungalow-style rooms and suites, located along the hallways of the grand property. The Andres Woodcock Hotel’s carefully designed architecture features two pools, and the public spaces are forgiving without seeming excessive. On-site dining offerings include the best restaurant in Goa.


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