Ted Cruz calls out face mask politics

Sen. Ted Cruz in a recent congressional hearing called out the lies of airlines, the politicization of science and the deceptions and spins of both Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bureaucrats and today’s face of coronavirus policy, Anthony Fauci.

The most important remark he made was the one that reminded executive orders and health-based mandates are not laws.

Cruz referenced the “announcement [on airplanes] that begins at the beginning of every flight, where they say ‘federal law requires that you wear a mask,’” — and then clarified: It’s not a law.

Saying so is a lie.

“The last time I checked under a constitutional system of federal law requires … that it is appropriate for the United States Congress to make that determination,” he said, Breitbart reported.

Yes. Remember your schoolhouse rock.

“Something becomes federal law [only after] Congress passes a [bill] and it’s signed by the president,” Cruz said.

Far too often these days, these coronavirus days, these fear-filled, fear-fueled coronavirus days — far too often private businesses, run-away governors, overzealous bureaucrats and power-hungry leftists in political offices, both elected and unelected — far too often these tyrannical types have just glossed right over the constitutional process to sell a line, a lying line, that advisements, recommendations, guidances and so-called mandates are laws.

They’re not.

And acknowledging the difference is crucial to maintaining America’s system of individual liberties.

Over the past year-plus, American businesses have with alarming regularity posted signs in their store front windows that claim face masks are required as conditions of entry — by law. These signs stemmed from executive orders from governors, from recommendations and supposed mandates from local health bureaucrats and from advisements from various federal authorities. But they were not laws. They weren’t put into place by duly passed pieces of legislation that traveled the open government route into law.

In some cases, they were simply taped onto store windows because management didn’t want to deal with fines from local health bureaucrats who didn’t even have the legal right to impose such fines. But hey, who wants to fight City Hall over something everybody else is doing, anyway? Better just to shut up and comply. Easier just to go along to get along.

Now America’s facing a crisis of Constitution.

All because of fear and later, the exploitation of fear.

“[It’s] deeply dismaying seeing how the CDC has in the course of this pandemic allowed itself at times to become politicized,” Cruz said.

Specifically, he pointed to the theatrics of those who should know better — like Anthony Fauci — who push face masks even on those who’ve been vaccinated.

“This is performative theater,” Cruz said. “This is not science. This is not keeping anyone safe and if our objective is to encourage people to be vaccinated … then one way to encourage people to be vaccinated is for there actually to be a difference in what you can do after you’ve been vaccinated.”

So when will the madness stop? 

When the American people say no more. It’s one of the few times when collectivism is absolutely necessary.

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