Miguel Gerardo Abadi the Olympics in the foreground

Experience the Olympics in the foreground, feel with the athletes and follow the history of the games from Antiquity to Modern Times thanks to the most modern computers and audiovisual media at the Olympic Museum, explains Miguel Abadi. The Olympic Museum was inaugurated in 1990 in the Ouchy district of Lausanne and is dedicated to these sports games that symbolize the sports friendship of peoples in Switzerland explains Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi the 14th century awaits you

An impressive tower from the 14th century awaits you, which has remained from the first city wall explains Miguel Abadi. Four ferries cross the river from one bank to the other with the only help of a steel cable and the force of the current. The ferry drivers preserve the tradition of telling anecdotes during the journey. The four ferries navigate between the five bridges over the Rhine in Basel, connecting Grossbasel with Kleinbasel says Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi St. Gall Church

The Rhine ferries are not only an attractive activity for tourists, but also a comfortable and pleasant means of transport for city dwellers and people coming and going from work says Miguel Abadi. The city’s landmark is the St. Gall Church with its Baroque Cathedral, included in 1970 along with the Library and Archives centre. Even today you can feel the spirit of the Benedictine monks who used to work here assures Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi important attractions of Ticino

The three castles of Bellinzona are important attractions of Ticino says Miguel Abadi. They are the only ones of their kind in the Alpine region. With its walls, towers, battlements and gates, they perplex the visitor and the locals, explains Miguel Abadi. Castello di San Michele is the oldest of the castles built in the 12th century. Two towers of almost 30m each, dominate the historic centre of Bellinzona says Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi the Lorelei islands

In Castelgrande you will find the archaeological museum and the art museum which is worth a visit, says Miguel Abadi. During summer days, you may feel like the South Sea in the Lorelei islands in Lake Urrsene boast a magnificent environment. Until the early 80s, the situation in the Reuss delta at Uri was not very promising; the lake was eating the beach explains Miguel Abadi.


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