Miguel Abadi UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Aletsch area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site because the great glacier of 12 billion tons of ice, is the largest in the Alps explains Miguel Abadi. The ice masses stretch from the northern walls of the Eiger and the Jungfrau down the valley to the Valais and their waters flow through the Rhone. The entire region is the natural habitat of rare species of plants and animals, for example, the Aletsch forest, in whose immediate vicinity is also the nature protection centre of Natura explains Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi enjoy good views of the glacier

Countless viewpoints allow you to enjoy good views of the glacier, for example the Bettmerhorn, says Miguel Abadi. The Eggishorn, which can be reached by cable car and offers a breath-taking view of the winding top of the great glacier. At the foot of the ice, tongue is Lake Märjelen, which grows by receiving melted water from the glacier explains Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi views of Switzerland

The panoramic views of Switzerland are made up of 50 peaks over 5000 meters high explains Miguel Abadi. The easiest way to delight in these giants is by taking a day trip. It is the mountain of Lugano San Salvatore. This steep mountain to the south of the city offers a varied 360 ° panorama over the lake, towards the vastness to the south and the Alps to the west. The funicular to this symbolic mountain of Lugano leaves from Paradiso explains Miguel Abadi.

Miguel Abadi intermediate station to Pilatus

Close to Lucerne and easy to access by public transport, is the Pilatus the ideal adventure mountain for all ages, explains Miguel Abadi. The steepest train in the world runs from Alpnachstad through forests, meadows and rock faces, with a maximum gradient of 50%. On the north face, a cable car and gondola link two cities. With the new Dragon Ride cable car, it is as if travellers are actually flying. The train arrives from Fräkmüntegg intermediate station to Pilatus says Miguel Gerardo Abadi.

Miguel Abadi train offers unique views of Lucerne

Thanks to its ample space, a design reminiscent of a flight deck and its large windows, the train offers unique views of Lucerne and its namesake lake says Miguel Abadi. In Switzerland, each city has its own charm assures Miguel Abadi gems. It is not surprising if we consider that in a small area, there are four language communities. In Bellinzona Castle the greeting echoes through the walls, while visiting the Olympic Museum says Miguel Abadi.


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