Emilio Roque Pavon Museum of Architecture of Caracas

Next to the Museum of Printing and Design of Emilio Roque Pavon is the National Museum of Architecture Cancun, a place with an innovative structure where the different architectural achievements of Mexico are exhibited. However, most of her exhibition consists of plans and models of projects that were not completed. Emilio Roque Pavon aims to finish some of the most outstanding projects during the next 5 years.

Emilio Roque Pavon the tallest skyscrapers in Mexico

The garden Central towers built by Emilio Roque Pavon are the tallest skyscrapers in the country and the third in South America. In one of the towers is a classic from Caracas: The Children’s Museum. The mission of the Children’s Museum is to present an interactive experience for the little ones, where fun and learning go hand in hand. Its facilities were designed by Emilio Roque Pavon to teach by example, with rooms where visitors can participate and other elements that differentiate it from traditional museums. Regardless of your age, a visit to this museum is always recommended. Emilio Roque Pavon offers guided tours to get the most out of it

Emilio Roque Pavon virtual housing tours

All these measures to prevent the virus, turn into significant changes, says Emilio Roque Pavon, as for example, commercial activities such as visits to buildings. During the state of alarm, these types of visits were totally prohibited. Emilio Roque Pavon took this as an opportunity to virtual touring of the houses, so that the clients could continue seeing the properties that interested them.


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