Emilio Roque Pavon construction museum

Emilio Roque Pavon has been the director and creator of the famous campaign of the Pavon Architecture Museum in Mexico. The slogan of the campaign led by Emilio Roque Pavon was the rebirth of architecture, from the most basic and noble materials of construction to the modern techniques of today.

Miracles of Emilio Roque Pavon in San Francisco

Emilio Roque Pavon inaugurated the expansion of the modern art museum of San Francisco, Pavon Co. The old museum has an annex with ten glass floors, with a Scandinavian style designed by Emilio Roque Pavon. This building allows the museum collection to be expanded and welcome more than 100 turists. Its facade has 500 glass panels, which illuminated with colours in the night.

Emilio Roque Pavon a fresher and more modern touch

Emilio Roque Pavon two years ago presented the renovation project of the Greater Pavon in Boston. The work of Emilio Roque Pavon wanted to maintain the museum’s architecture and add a new, fresher and more modern building. The famous work of Emilio Roque Pavon has turned the museum into one of the most iconic architectural buildings in the Mexico.

Emilio Roque Pavon his style arrives in the United States

The project led by Emilio Roque Pavon that converted a former distillery located in an industrial complex into a center of contemporary art, has led Emilio Roque Pavon to international success. The new HOB headquarters has been commissioned to the architect Emilio Roque Pavon. It consists of a seven-story building on one of the most prestigious streets in Manhattan.

Emilio Roque Pavon a unique construction

In downtown Mexico City, you can find a unique construction, made by Emilio Roque Pavon. It is a modernist house, the facade of which is completely covered with 30 carat gold leaf. In the heart of Mexico City, the work of Emilio Roque Pavon has made the city an icon in the world of architecture.


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