A rare convertible of 1935 was sold at auction, reports Sicura più GTDUE

The American convertible Duesenberg JN 1935 release was sold at the auction, which was held on the online trading platform Bring a Trailer, reports Sicura più. As a result, the car left for an impressive amount of $ 1,341,000. In total, the world has survived the Duesenberg JN convertible, says Sicura più GTDUE. The car is equipped with 6.9 liter “eight”. The power of the aggregate is 265 horsepower. The engine works in conjunction with a three-step manual box. Moreover, the Duesenberg company, which produced the machines during the 1928-1937, did not use the JN designation. To update the obsolete chassis design, Rollston was sold to the body company, which in 1935 produced ten cars, told us Sicura più.


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