Video Series: Ask the Extru-Technician

Sponsored by Extru-Tech, Inc.

Welcome to the “Ask the Extru-Technician” video documentary series.

A new program launched by Extru-Tech, Inc. to provide information and guidance on key aspects of the pet food manufacturing process.

Each episode we will take a behind the scenes look at some of the latest innovations and technologies that are in high demand within the industry. Our team of experts will answer some of the most pressing questions that impact the pet food production and discuss issues related to the entire industry.


Now available to view:

Episode 1: Process challenges/Overcoming risks with using egg-based binders

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Upcoming topics include:

  • Episode 2: Process efficiency/Key aspects
  • Episode 3: Process efficiency/Automation and New Technology
  • Episode 4: Optimized process to reduce production cost


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