Hillary Clinton, apparently zee law, kindly giving ‘life back’ to vaccinated

I’m Hillary Clinton, hear me roar. 

In a tweet, the failed Democrat presidential contender wrote, “It’s pretty simple: Get vaccinated. Get your life back.” I am zee law!

Perhaps this tweeted response sums it best: “F—- you!”

But to elaborate a bit more — who died and made Hillary Clinton god of the vaccines? God of the people?

In America, the default position is individual rights — God-given individual rights, to be precise. And with that default position comes the understanding that individuals have the inherent right to decide their own health matters.

The coronavirus is not a tool for government to dangle. It’s not a means of exerting controls or conditions on the people. It’s a virus, and as such, it falls under the category of health and medical choice.

For far too long now, Americans, fueled by fear, cowed by fearful government and media pronouncements, have allowed the bureaucrats-in-charge to dictate how lives must be lived, how adults and children must go about their daily business, how families and communities and churches and schools and counties and cities and states must conduct themselves in order to keep everyone safe. Americans willingly ceded their individual choices for the greater good of national safety and security, based on trust in the system — based on the belief that the health professionals weren’t using the virus for political means, and that even the politicians cracking down on liberties were only doing so based on the best available science.

Fast-forward a year and a half.

And it’s now generally seen that the best available science is whatever the bureaucrats in charge want it to be. How else to explain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s sudden flip-flop of face masking, despite the no-change in science from the previous days’ warnings against taking off face masks?

If anything can be learned from this years-plus of coronavirus chaos, it’s this: Americans need to recapture and reclaim the right to self-determine.

“It’s pretty simple,” another Twitter poster wrote below Clinton’s ridiculously arrogant tweet. “@HillaryClinton doesn’t get to tell you what to do.”

No, she doesn’t.

And on vaccines, on face masks, on staying home from work, on stopping the singing in church, on letting kids breathe without cloth coverings, on attending school in person — neither do her colleagues in elitist political circles.

Neither should they.

It’s high time for citizens to make that clear.

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