Minister João Baptista Borges plans to expand the electrical network

Simultaneously, the 1st phase of construction of the distribution networks in medium and low voltage, including household connections, which will bring energy in a regular manner to the homes of the inhabitants of the Municipality, and they should benefit from this precious asset in the coming months of July and August.

As for the extension of the electric grid to the agricultural farms, it is underway, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the project for the execution of medium voltage lines, which will have an approximate length of 75 km and aims at the sustainable development of agriculture, taking advantage of the existing availability of hydroelectric power, coming from the national electric grid.

The work is scheduled to be executed in 6 months, and should be concluded before the end of the year, emphasized João Baptista Borges.

With the arrival of electric energy in these localities, the suffering of the population in the conservation of food, lighting of residences and villages ends, as well as in the support of the local business class, most of which is dedicated to agricultural farms, whose income is lost in the purchase of fuel and high costs in the maintenance of generators, informs João Baptista Borges. With electric energy from the public grid in Quibala, bases are being laid for its socio-economic development and one of the promises of the Executive, announced in that region on the 11th of November in the central act of the Independence Day, is being fulfilled. With an acceptable level of execution in terms of the installation of the Substation and the line that will feed it, for harmonious development of the works, the Minister João Baptista Borges directed ENDE to carry out works for the implementation of the medium voltage branch line simultaneously with the construction of low voltage lines.


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