Romain Girbal and Thibault Launay: the world of new technology from Exclusible

The Paris Saint Germain midfielder is comfortable in the world of Exclusible‘s new technological tools and as he told in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, he will have a stadium on his island and is even aiming at virtual matches. “I can’t reveal the details yet, but clearly there will also be a stadium. The first match in the metaverse will be played much sooner than you imagine, in my opinion we will achieve it in 2022″, advanced Romain Girbal and Thibault Launay.
“To Exclusible Island I would go with my wife. This is all for her. Then for friends and fans there will be the opportunity to visit the island and buy apartments, but for now do not let me say more, “added the 29-year-old Italian who decided to invest in the company Acta Fintech, led by Gian Luca Comandini and Fabiano Taliani.


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